MSM-Dental Uses

The use of OptiMSM can be beneficial when treating many dental hygiene issues. We have all at some time experienced swollen gums, darkening teeth and sensitivity. A regular use of OptiMSM will allow you to see improvements within a couple of weeks.
If you are experiencing Gingivitis MSM can aid in reducing the inflammation of the gums. If neglected, gingivitis turns to periodontitis which means progressive infection, more inflammation, loss of tiny ligaments that bind the gums to the teeth, bone recession and loose teeth. OptiMSM crystals or capsules can be used to combat this.
Apply OptiMSM directly to the gums by opening a capsule and mixing the contents with a little water to make a paste. Rub the paste on your gums over the root of the sore and or sensitive teeth.
To whiten teeth apply OptiMSM crystals directly to your toothbrush after your regular brushing. Allow the crystals to soften or dissolve on you wet toothbrush before brushing. You should begin to see results within two weeks of consistent application.
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