MSM-Relief for Headaches

Nearly half of all Americans experience at least one headache a month and about 10 million of us (4 percent of the population) are moderately so severely disable by different forms of headaches. Primary headaches are subdivided by the IHS into 4 classes: migraines, tension-type, Cluster or other trigeminal autonomic celalalgias, and other types.
Tension headaches, also known as a muscle contraction headache, are the most common primary headache. The pain is usually on both sides of the head, and described as “pressing or tightening”. Migraines are the second most common type of primary headache. Typical attacks lasts about 4-72 hours, usually are rated as moderate to severe, and are aggravated by most any physical activity and sometimes by even small amounts of light. Cluster headaches are a type of primary headache that is rare and they tend to be severe in nature and cause pain around the orbits and temporal regions. In the “other primary headache” category given by the IHS, there are several types of headaches with similar characteristics of the other three and can be described as a stabbing headache, cough headache, exertion headache.
As reported in “The Miracle of MSM” the consistent use of MSM can do the following:
• MSM has the ability to reduce muscle spasm
• Inhibits certain pain impulses in the body as well as reduces inflammation.
Applying OptiMSM topically to the back of the neck where you feel tension or taking orally is recommended. Visit us at to place your order today.

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