MSM – The Definitive Guide

Excitement is rapidly building over the new book release, Msm the Definitive Guide: a Comprehensive Review of the Science and Therapeutics of Methylsulfonylmethane written by Stanley W. Jacob and Jeremy Appleton. The overview of this book states “The wide availability of MSM, its safe reputation, and its enormous therapeutic potential for clinically challenging conditions are well known to thousands of healthcare practitioners and patients worldwide. Scientists have been studying this remarkable nutrient for more than fifty years. Now, you can learn about the science behind the supplement and discover its potential through documented clinical case studies in MSM: The Definitive Guide — the new book by the world’s foremost experts on MSM. Dr. Stanley W. Jacob is the medical doctor who pioneered the clinical use of MSM and DMSO. Dr. Jeremy Appleton is a naturopathic doctor and nutrition professor. Together, they have created the most complete guide to MSM ever written.”
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