MSM- Manufacturing Excellence

OptiMSM is produced in the only single-purpose MSM production facility in North America. The commitment to providing a consistent quality of MSM is evident in the manufacturing excellence. Some of the important things to note in this process are as follows:
OptiMSM is the only MSM to have a GRAS-designation, receiving a letter of non-objection from the FDA
OptiMSM is distilled for optimal purity and it is not crystallized
• Proprietary for stage distillation process removes heavy metals and other contaminants
• Each batch of OptiMSM is third-party tested and exceeds USP MSM monograph standards for dietary supplements
OptiMSM is Kosher and Halal certified
• Non-GMO
• Gluten and allergen free
• Non-shellfish derived
• Vegan
The research and commitment involved in manufacturing OptiMSM is priority to ensure that the consumer receives an exceptional product. To learn more about OptiMSM please visit us at or contact us at 1-800-903-0309.

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