New Study Shows MSM Means Less Soreness

New Study Shows MSM Means Less Soreness
A recent study funded by Bergstrom Nutrition shows MSM helps to reduce soreness after increased exercise or new activities. MSM minimizes muscle damage and soreness caused by exercise, which means less recovery time. Oral MSM raises the antioxidant activity in the blood.
Bergstrom Nutrition produces the world’s only GRAS-designed MSM and exceeds the industry standards for optimal purity and safety.
Bergstrom’s study shows the following:
* Confirmation that exercise can induce oxidative stress
* Daily oral supplements prior to exercise create better glutathione plasma levels
* Less muscle soreness after exercise

* Higher plasma oxidative capacity
* Reduce markers of muscle damage
The study also shows that MSM helps protect cells from damage following acute bouts of strenuous exercise.

MSM Featured in Muscle Development Magazine MSM was featured in the February 2013 issue of Muscle Development Magazine as a powerful antioxidant that aids in decreasing inflammation and joint pain.
Bergstrom Nutrition produces a MSM product that is safe to use as an additive for food and drink products. Called OptiMSM, this MSM product is distilled for optimal purity and removes heavy metals and other contaminants in its carefully controlled purifying process. Besides aiding in support for healthy joints, studies show that MSM boosts seasonal immune health by helping alleviate certain allergies, supports liver health and metabolism, and has possible applications in the personal care arena, including that for hair, skin, and nail care.
We only sell pure OptiMSM manufactured by Bergstrom Nutrition.

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