Other Popular Uses for MSM

Sulfur is one of the base needs of all mammals. We as humans will find sulfur aids in many aspects of life such as healthier lungs and brain function. But what many people do not realize is that this amazing dietary supplement can actually help make your skin, nails, and hair healthier and more glamorous than ever before. Yes, this supplement sure helps with every aspect of life.
MSM comes in a powder form perfect for adding to other products. For instance, try adding a few tablespoons of MSM powder to your shampoo for excellently shiny hair with less split ends and thicker quality hair. Adding sulfur to your shampoo and conditioner will help insure you have the best hair in the neighborhood. Why not try this appealing look and feel to your pet’s hair care products as well. Add a few tablespoons of MSM powder to your dog shampoo, horse conditioner, or cat all-in-one product.
The results will astound you!
Of course, MSM helps all your organs including your largest organ: the skin. While ingesting this supplement will have numerous benefits, you will discover adding about a quarter cup of this fine powder to your favorite lotion will give your favorite lotion an added kick. Just use your lotion as you would usually use your lotion and watch your skin go from ok to “oh my goodness” gorgeous!
Then there are the nails. Even animals have nails whether they come in the form of hooves or claws. That means that adding MSM to hand (or paw) care products will help make those nails healthier, stronger, and looking amazing. One added bonus that my husband noticed as he took MSM was that the nasty nail fungus he had on his toes simply vanished. This took time and affected only the new nail, but the results were amazing.
Another popular product many people like to make is soap. Whether the soap is for animals, horses, or peoples, adding MSM means you get an exceptional body cleaner that keeps feeding the skin that nourishment it so desperately needs. The good news is that it is so easy to add MSM powder to the soap you will find yourself making this for family and friends alike. Myself, I like making glycerin soap with oodles of MSM added just to insure I get maximum coverage.
Finally, if you make any type of personal care product at home, adding MSM powder will make that product just that much more amazing. MSM has a great way of adding benefits to any product without an aftertaste, a bad smell, or a poor look. You can get more for less! Yes, life is just that good.
Want better for your hair, nails, and skin? You will find that MSM is an amazing sulfur dietary supplement that will help make your life better, easier, and healthier without changing how you live. No side effects and reasonable cost means you live better without taking anything away.

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