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CLA Conjugated Linoleic Acid

CLA Tonalin Supplement information

The fat that makes you slim.
Want to lose some weight?

We do not sell CLA Tonalin 1285 mg.

If you are interested in CLA just key in CLA Tonalin 1285 mg. in any search engine.

1285 mg. $18.00 per bottle of 90 capsules
 30% more CLA than any other brand.

CLA tonalin conjugated linoleic acid is the fat that makes you slim. CLA Tonalin is great for weight loss. CLA Tonalin contains no stimulants of any kind. Fat is one method the body uses to store energy. All fats are not equal. Fat is a vital word in our diet. The body produces all the fatty acids it needs except for three: linoleic acid, arachadonic acid and linolinic acid.  The body can produce linolinic acid and arachadonic acid from linoleic acid.  Linoleic acid is one of the good omega 6 fatty acids. CLA Tonalin is found in beef, lamb, turkey and milk products from animals with range fed diets. When you start looking for CLA tonalin products on the internet make sure you don't buy the ones that are made from vegetable oil. The true CLA tonalin product comes from safflower oil. Human studies have shown that by taking CLA tonalin with safflower oil can reduce body fat by 9%. CLA tonalin will help you lose fat and gain muscle.  CLA tonalin is safe and non toxic. If you are one of those that don't worry about your weight note that CLA tonalin capsules have an considerable impact on cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, the immune system and bone and joint health. CLA tonalin can lowers LDL cholesterol levels and helps prevent clogging of arteries. Avoid taking fat absorbing supplements like chitosan with CLA tonalin due to the fact that the chitosan can absorb the CLA. CLA tonalin can take up to several weeks before you feel the effect. Two of the best sources for CLA tonalin are beef and veal. Tonalin CLA is a safe, scientifically proven, effective nutritional supplement that contains no stimulants of any kind.

Tonalin CLA and weight loss

Studies show that TONALIN CLA reduces body fat and weight in four ways:

* By decreasing the amount of fat that is stored after eating

* By increasing the rate of fat breakdown in fat cells

* By increasing the rate of fat metabolism

* By decreasing the number of fat cells

A significant amount of research has been done on Tonalin CLA and weight loss.

What can CLA supplements do for me?

Laboratory research has indicated that CLA supplements can help you achieve your diet goals in two ways:
1.  CLA supplements increases lean muscle which naturally slims your body.
2. CLA supplements added muscle tissue automatically burns more calories than fat tissue, which in turn increases metabolism. By taking tonalin CLA supplements you reduce body fat not just water.

How does Tonalin CLA
supplements work in the body?

Tonalin CLA is made through a proprietary process that converts the linoleic acid of safflowers into conjugated linoleic acid. Safflower is the richest source of linoleic acid.

Is Tonalin CLA safe?

Numerous clinical studies have been conducted on the safety of CLA and no adverse side effects have been observed.  Tonalin CLA does not contain any stimulants nor does it  contain Ephedra or Caffeine.

What do I look for when purchasing CLA?

Be sure it is 100% Safflower Oil as sunflower oil or a blend will probably be cheaper, but will cost in the long run as it will have less of the fat loss ingredients you are looking for.

Each capsule should have at least 1285mg of oil to get a total of 1000mg of actual CLA. Pure Tonalin® Brand CLA is made from Safflower Oil. Each soft gel contains 1,285mg, 30% more CLA than most other brands.

               Compare prices and milligrams before buying your CLA Tonalin

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