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Why just keep yourself healthy? Horses just like any other animal or human can benefit from the use of MSM supplements. The best place to start is their diet, for it is the main foundation of their natural health care. Scientists say that mineral deficiency subjects our animals to more diseases, along with aging and sickness. John Metcalf, DVM, a well-known equine practitioner, started his evaluation of MSM to treat a variety of illnesses in horses, including chronic muscle soreness, epiphysis's, acute laminitis, pleuritis, recurring digestive tract disorder and arthritis. MSM crystal-flakes for horses is now widely acclaimed by veterinarians and horsemen for its contribution to equine health care and horse ailments in the equestrian world. MSM for horses is the food supplement known and used by many horsemen and veterinarians throughout the horse and pet industry. MSM for horses and pets has helped ease a number of horse and pet ailments. MSM  was discover by Dr. Robert Herschler. MSM for horses is a 100% pure licensed dietary supplement. MSM stands for methylsulfonylmethane ). MSM for horses is an organic compound that comes in the form of a white crystalline powder and is derived from DMSO (dimethylsulfoxide). DMSO is a topical anti-flammatory agent originally produced as a by product of the wood-pulp paper industry which was used to treat horse ailments. Horses are quite susceptible to many common diseases that require immediate attention from either the owner or a veterinarian. Since most horses are social animals whether as a border at a local stable or among other horses in the pasture, disregarded communicable diseases can lead to disaster. Equine protozoal myeloencephalitis is a neurological disorder that quickly manifests itself in healthy horses.  The parasite sarcocystis nueuona enters the horse through infected food and water supplies and settles within the horses' spinal cord.  Symptoms include a loss of appetite, depression and a loss of motor control as the disease progresses.  EPM is a master of disguise.  This serious disease can be difficult to diagnose because its signs often mimic other health problems in the horse and signs can range from mild to severe.  More than 50 percent of all horses in the United States may have been exposed to the organism that causes EPM.  The causative organism is a protozoal parasite named Sarcocystis neurona. The disease is not transmitted from horse to horse.  Rather, the protozoa are spread by the definitive host the opossum. The infective stage of the organism, the sporocysts, are passed in the opossum's feces. The horse comes into contact with the infective sporocysts while grazing or eating contaminated feed or drinking water.  Once ingested, the sporocysts migrate from the intestinal tract into the bloodstream and cross the blood-brain barrier. There they begin to attack the horse's central nervous system. The onset of the disease may be slow or sudden. If left undiagnosed and untreated, EPM can cause devastating and lasting neurological damage.   Working horses, particularly those which compete on the racetrack or in the show ring, suffer from sore backs. A horse with a sore back will show a decrease in performance.  Observant owners will notice discomfort, bruising, hair loss and even open sores in the saddle area.  MSM has been used in the above horse ailments and have been known to improve their ailment.  MSM for horses is credited with clearing up and preventing, epiphysitis (inflammation of the growth center just above the knee) in fast young growing horses. Overfeeding with a high protein diet is one of the causes for epiphysitis. MSM for horses relieves a variety of horse ailments and lameness problems along with reducing inflammation and enhancing blood circulation.  MSM for horses was added to the diet of a thoroughbred jumper with chronic back problems, after taking MSM his back problems disappeared and was able to go onto a healthy and extended jumping career. MSM cleared up epiphysitis in three weeks on a young thoroughbred filly. Animals given MSM showed a delayed onset of tumors, equivalent to 10 years in humans. Dietary MSM also delayed the onset of tumors in the colon. MSM for horses is not some magical potion, it basically clears up two things, inflammation and enhances circulation.  MSM is present in food when it is very fresh, it can be driven out of any food by even moderate passing, including the cutting and drying of hay. It is important to supplement most diets with a pure source of MSM for horses from MSM-Supplements Center.   MSM is an excellent source of sulfur for horses.  Nutritionists, veterinarians, and horse owners report excellent results from the feeding of MSM on a daily basis.   MSM for horses provides a dietary source of sulfur, an element that is important in the formation of connective tissue.  Animals who were given MSM crystals in their water supplies had lower death rates and liver damage than the control groups, and had a longer life expectancy.  MSM is highly respected as a great pain reliever arthritis supplement in the equestrian horse world and for its many other ailment uses. Use MSM directly into your pets minor wounds just as you would for yourself.  This is quick and easy and if the animal licks it, all the better to help them heal. 
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Arthritis in dogs and cats

Arthritis can cause dogs and cats to become stiff or lame, they struggle to get to their feet in the morning or cry out in pain if they move the wrong way.  Arthritis or joint inflammation occurs in dogs most commonly when there are degenerative changes in malformed joints, such as with hip Dysplasia.  Arthritis can also result from trauma, infection or immune-mediated disease such as rheumatoid arthritis.  Very little arthritis is seen in cats. Although some purebred cats are known to have joint problems. When cats do have chronic pain the most common cause is osteoarthritis. Trying to find pain relief for pets with arthritis can be difficult and most veterinarians prescribe aspirin but it has the potential for gastrointestinal problems, such as hemorrhaging or even ulcers. Cats have it even worse because of their unique physiology, which doesn't always respond well to medicines that benefit dogs and humans. There are no medicines licensed for use in cats to treat chronic pain. Most NSAIDs such as aspirin, Tylenol, Aleve and ibuprofen are toxic to cats, because the feline liver is unable to break down and process the chemicals. Consequently, cats can't rid themselves of the toxic byproducts of those chemicals. A single dose of aspirin or another NSAIDS can be fatal to a cat.


HORSES: Feed one tablespoon (15 grams) twice a day to a 1,000 pound horse.  Feed one gram per 100 pounds body weight twice a day or as directed by your veterinarian.  For all classes of horses.


MSM FOR PETS dogs and cats dosage

Feed 1/8 tablespoon (500 mg.) once a day per 25 pounds body weight or as directed by your veterinarian.

For More Information on dog, cat, and pet allergies.

Remember inside each jar of powder or crystal-flakes is a scoop.

If you fill the scoop up half way that is one teaspoon.

If you fill the scoop up to the top that is one tablespoon.

I also use a whiskey shot glass to use for my pets msm dosage.
Pour in your desired msm dosage and add it into their water bowl as well as their wet food.


All products are kosher certified through the Orthodox Union and comply with all federal, state and local environmental statutes and regulations regarding the manufacture, storage and distribution of MSM.  OptiMSM is also certified Kosher Pareve which is for clients of the Jewish faith and Ifanca Halal certified which is for clients of the Islam faith. OptiMSM is NNFA (National Nutritional Foods Association) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Certified. 

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