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MSM Testimonials

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  Thanks,  Nance'


Anonymous Comment

My husband has a toe/fingernail fungus which he was told could only be treated/cured with drugs which could possible harm the liver. Topical drugs
did nothing. He gave up. He began taking MSM, bought from your web site, due to an old hip injury which seemed to be turning into arthritis. Lo and behold, his black toenails and fingernails are growing out with NO fungus!

Nance', Houston, Texas

I usually do not write about myself but feel I need to share my experience with my new found dietary supplement. I was experiencing allergies, back pain, breathing problems, constipation, headaches, joint inflammation, joint stiffness, knee problems, leg cramps, stress and tendonitis. I was unable to make a fist with my right hand, snap my fingers or bend my right ankle without some sort of pain. After taking two teaspoons a day, within 3 days I was able to bend my fingers, make a fist and snap my fingers. I was so thrilled!  Within one month I could tell a tremendous change in the way I breathe. My energy level increased allowing me to be more self productive without tiring. My leg cramps are gone, I haven't had a cold and feel less stressed all because I feel better. On top of all that I have acquired new hair growth along with healthier looking hair. My nails are so strong and healthy looking now I'll never need acrylic nails again. 

Sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner. Well, it's taken awhile to figure out what my problem actually is, that's one reason. Turns out I do have arthritis in my hip or it's an injury, (most likely arthritis, probably injury related).   I used to have terrible nerve pain that would keep me awake all night and I'd limp around all day due to the pain in my hip and leg.  I do have flare-ups where I need to take an occasional Advil or something, but other than that I am doing great. The doctor told me that the MSM would help prevent further damage, so that was VERY good news. I told my sister about the MSM and she has ordered some from you also. She thinks it is helping her too. The doctors haven't been able to figure out what her problem is, so I hope this helps her.  One question. When are they going to make this stuff cherry flavored?  laugh out loud!

Thanks,  Susan Dillard

I have a rare muscular disease called "periaritits nadosa". I have been to so many doctors and there is nothing they can do. My only choice at this stage is to take Interferon, which I refuse. My red blood count is extremely low and my red cells are enlarged. I had a friend recommend MSM and at this point, I have nothing to lose, so I got on it. Within one week, I noticed more energy, my hair and nails began to grow. The best part I'm feeding my body a total natural substance that comes from my body, no harmful drugs, no additives. I have other friends that have gotten on MSM and they are experiencing the same things as me, no swelling of joints and massive energy. This is great because now I don't have to take those expensive horrible drugs that would destroy more of my body. 

Susan Hargrove, Jasper, Texas

For years, about 25 or so, I have had constant mid back pain. I have not been pain free relative to that area of my body even after taking expensive prescribed medications that are supposed to allow you to "dance the years away, if you know what I mean. Well, after approximately three weeks of taking one teaspoon of my new found dietary supplement,  the relief from my pain has been tremendous. I can actually work at my desk, "play" in the kitchen cooking and baking (as a hobby) and not have to suffer constantly. What a find! You will probably laugh, but I have also had a few other things happen to me since taking the OptiMSM.  I have told my friends, family members and even a doctor's receptionist about the OptiMSM "effect" on me. Hopefully they will be wise enough to get smart. Thanks again and you can count on my continuing to use this wonderful product from your company.
John C. Hunter
Weatherford, Texas

I have been on prescription medication for 15 years for stomach ulcers and reflux disease. No matter what I ate, I would experience indigestion.  I am so grateful and joyful. I originally bought MSM to help with muscle aches and pains due to inflammation. I have had great relief. I have a better quality of life. 

Thank you,  Sue McGee  

I really would like to commend you for telling the truth about this dietary supplement. I have been using msm and it is working because my hair, nails the pain I experience from inflammation which I have had for four years now finally getting some relief. I have to go out and purchase more of this product.
Thank you,  Again so much for such pertinent facts.

Ms. Linda Ealy

I know that Bre has been taking far less and on some days NO pain medication at all. She is sleeping better as well. She had vertebrae fused a couple of months ago and the pain from the operation has been greatly reduced. We are hoping to prevent another surgery; this time on her lower back. As for me…My energy level is definitely higher. I have started riding and continue to ride a recumbent stationary bike everyday for the past 3 weeks. My recovery time is increasing and so is the cardio. Also noticed the hair and nails growing too; after the accident and loss of my fiancé I was losing hair at quite a rapid pace. I am happy to say that I have seen very little hair in the brush these days!  


The MSM powder has been a miracle for me.  I have been in chronic debilitating pain in my spine and neck for 15 years and I am only 35 years old.  I was also a nervous wreck.  No doctors have been able to figure out why.  I have been using the powder taking it internally and using the crystals in my bath water along with Epsom salt and I fell I am at an 85% recovery level in only 2 months.  I started with positive effects immediately and my bones and connective tissue feel stronger every day.  I swear I thought I was dying and this product has saved my life.  I have also had major success putting my dog on it.  She suffers in her back end from an injury from jumping off of things like sofas and beds.  She is able to run around like normal now.  I have also used it on my cockatiel for a wing injury and have had success.  I am now preaching its praises to my neighbors and getting them started on it.  Thank you for giving me hope for a normal life.  

Vicki Fulmer

Hi! I have RA, too (very, very bad), and for the last 2 years I've been taking MSM (powder) and since that I've have been able to live a normal life with no swollen joints. I had only a little problem a couple of times when I overstrained myself working, but those problems were gone the next day. So, for me was MSM a miracle. But over the years I learned something that things that might help me maybe does not help others, so you have to try, that's the only way.


I have suffered from FMS for many years and thereby developed IBS-C, a symptom of FMS. I first started taking MSM from a different company for my nails and hair.  But then I learned it is a byproduct of wood manufacturing and could contain mercury. Alarmed, I searched the internet for more info and happened upon this site and read about OptiMSM.  I was impressed with the info and also with the testimonies about it being anti-inflammatory (I suffer from chronic pain, and insomnia as well as IBS-C). So I bought two jars of the capsules and within two days my IBS-C was noticeably relieved for the first time ever.  Thinking it might be a fluke I decided to wait at least a few months before I said anything to my doctor.  I tested things out to make sure it wasn't the result of something else I was either taking or had stopped eating. But no, it is definitely the OptiMSM and after 5-6 months I finally informed my doctor of this wonderful product, urging him to recommend it to other patients. Buying those two jars was the best $50 I ever spent in my life! IBS-C made my life a living Hell! OptiMSM makes my intestines work almost back to normal! And so many of my poor fellow sufferers are reduced to taking the drug Zelnorm, which I've read about and not been impressed. I now can eat many foods I could not eat before because they would literally shut my guts down! OptiMSM is an answer to prayer and I am now a loyal customer of this product!  It is good for so many things I don't know what you have to lose simply by trying it.
Wausau, Wis


I've been fighting chronic fatigue, insomnia, weakness, muscle pain &
stiffness all over for YEARS! I've been s-l-o-w-l-y improving with
nutrition and various supplements. HOWEVER, nothing has helped me as much
as your product!! I've only been taking it a few weeks and feel like a new
woman! God Bless and Thank You. Ann




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