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The Miracle of MSM: The Natural Solution for Pain.
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 Arthritis MSM Supplement Center

Toll Free: 1-800-903-0309 

We only sell pure MSM.
 We do not sell MSM from China or India.

 Buy only the purest form of MSM for better results.

Look for the logo OptiMSM.

Do you know how to buy the best MSM on the market?

There are two kinds of MSM on the market. MSM that is manufactured here in the United States and the MSM that is manufactured out of the United States.  MSM manufactured out of the United States is cheaper but not as affective as MSM made in the United States. Cheaper isn't always best. Cheaper means you will not get the best result from MSM because you are using a product that is contaminated by other impurities. We only carry Cardinal - Bergstrom OptiMSM which is one of the purest forms of Optimsm on the market. Before buying MSM dietary supplement products please read the first paragraph on this page. Make sure the supplier you buy your msm from buys their MSM from a well known United States manufacturer like Cardinal - Bergstrom Nutrition. If they don't, your MSM product could contain unknown fillers. It's the unknown fillers that keep you from reaping the benefits of pure msm.  You  will be well informed about how to purchase the safest OptiMSM product on the market. For best results only buy pure OptiMSM. OptiMSM stands for purity. MSM stands for methylsulfonylmethane. MSM is a naturally-occurring nutrient found in small amounts of many foods. As a dietary supplement, MSM is synthesized. When made correctly, it is identical to that found in nature.

If this is your first time to visit our Arthritis MSM Supplement Center website please know that we only sell pure MSM.  OptiMSM is the premium brand of MSM preferred by  manufacturers who care about quality. We do not buy or sell products with fillers and should not be compared to other MSM websites that are growing by numbers on the internet that do!  Not all MSM is created equal for different production processes yield different degrees of purity. There are two methods by which MSM is purified  which are through crystallization or distillation. The cheaper MSM on the market is processed through crystallization and you get what you pay for.  Crystallization is a lower cost process, but increases the risk of producing an impure product.  Purity achieved by crystallization is dependent upon the quality of the local water and other materials used in manufacturing.  A crystal inherently contains occlusions where these water based impurities can become entrapped. This is of great concern in countries such as India and China, where water quality and sanitation have been identified as substandard.  MSM that comes from China  has been proven to be contaminated with trace quantities of butylated hydroxtoluene (BHT), a phenolic compound usually added to foods as a preservative.  MSM purified by distillation uses heat not water to separate the by products and impurities of manufacturing.  A more cost intensive process, distillation ensures that the final product contains only pure MSM.  OptiMSM is not a crystal, it contains no occlusions to trap impurities. Just as water is distilled for purity, so is OptiMSM.  Look for the logo OptiMSM label when you want to be positively sure that your MSM is positively pure.  Arthritis MSM Supplement Center only sells pure quality MSM (OptiMSM). Watch out for waxy, fatty substances like Magnesium Stearate that could be added into your MSM product.  Read your label thoroughly! Look for the UPC symbol on the bottle or jar along with the manufacturers name and address.  The best thing to do is ask for a copy of the certificate of analysis and look at the melting point.  It should be at 109.7 C.  Our MSM is 99.9% and is a perfect alternative for those who cannot use shellfish-based joint support products. The other .1% is moisture.

Your body consists of water, salt and MSM. MSM is prevalent throughout the human body. You can buy MSM in powder, crystal, flake or capsule form.  MSM stands for Methul Sulfonyl Methane, which is sometimes called  organic sulfur. MSM can also be written as DMSO2 .  The second chemical formula means the exact same thing as MSM. The second formula can be read as di methyl sulfonyl oxygen.

MSM is mostly identified with joint health, a recent published study shows that MSM supports normal immune and respiratory function. You will see on this website that I have listed my product by using the word crystal - flakes.  This does not mean that our  product is made in crystal form.  The name crystal means like sugar as in appearance only.  I use the word crystal as a term used for the internet search engines for most people when looking up msm on the internet key in the word crystal because of the crystallization form of MSM that is spreading around India, China and other United States MSM suppliers.  Our product is in flake form not crystal form. The proper word for MSM is flake or powder not crystal.  Don't let the crystallization and distillation words confuse you.  Think OptiMSM from Arthritis MSM Supplement Center when shopping around for your MSM needs.  Arthritis MSM Supplement Center's MSM meets or exceeds the specifications outlined for the product.  
MSM is one of the most stable of all materials.  It will NOT deteriorate with storage - even if it is left in an open container it will not absorb moisture and will not be harmed or "destroyed."

All products are kosher certified through the Orthodox Union and comply with all federal, state and local environmental statutes and regulations regarding the manufacture, storage and distribution of MSM.  OptiMSM is also certified Kosher Pareve which is for clients of the Jewish faith and Ifanca Halal certified which is for clients of the Islam faith. OptiMSM is NNFA (National Nutritional Foods Association) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Certified. 

Many movie actors use MSM, here are a few statements:
MSM has gained considerable recognition by the late actor James Coburn and Robert Culp, which have been a driving force in educating the public through media broadcasting and claiming about the benefits of MSM and how it had changed their quality of their life.  
MSM is nontoxic!  What MSM does is to serve as a natural remedy to relieve the pain and inflammation. MSM provides relief for as long as you take it. Sometimes health problems donít return even if you stop taking MSM after you have taken it for awhile.
MSM Side Effects 

Some people define natural as a substance that occurs naturally in the body and in plants.  By that definition, MSM is natural.  The raw material used to produce OptiMSM is of natural origin. So it is true that OptiMSM is produced from natural sources.  MSM supplements are a natural food substance and is not at all harmful to the body in any way. MSM supplements is neither a medicine or a drug. MSM is a member of the sulfur family but should never be confused with sulfa drugs, to which some people are allergic. MSM is non-allergenic and does not interfere with any other pharmaceutical medicines or supplements. MSM is also called organic sulfur. MSM the sulfur compound is a nutrient found in the human diet and the natural diets of virtually all other vertebrates.  MSM sulfur belongs in the same chemical family as oxygen, and in oxygen depleted environments, sulfur often replaces oxygen as the source of chemical energy upon which life thrives. MSM sulfur is a dietary supplement that does not  require a doctor's prescription.  Because there are few nerves in the bones, our pain comes from the soft tissue.  Aspirin shuts off the nerves, but the muscles are still damaged.  MSM claims are that msm takes out the inflammation, permits the muscles to heal and prevents them from becoming sore.

MSM is used around the world for relief from muscle pain, joint pain and inflammation. MSM is a nutritional mineral that can help to normalize the immune system.  MSM stands for Methylsulfonylmethane, a stable odorless metabolite of DMSO.  MSM supplements do not cure arthritis. They reduce the swelling that causes pain.  Why do we need MSM supplements? To get rid of pain!  MSM is so effective that doctors are able to reduce their patients medication dosage.  Some can even discontinue their medications in place of MSM sulfur.  The proper acid alkaline balance of the body cannot be maintained without sulfur.  Sulfur is vital to the creation and regeneration of the body's tissues. Sulfur is an indispensable component in human nutrition. It is found in every cell in the body. Sulfur itself is held mainly in the muscles, skin, bones, nails and hair.  One of the many advantages of MSM is that it is a small molecule with a molecular weight of 94. It is bio available and capable of passing through tissues. MSM relieves pain and inflammation in several ways. It blocks pain impulses by precluding their passage along C fibers within nerves. These fibers carry messages of pain from a site of damaged tissue in the body to the brain. MSM also reduces inflammation. Inflammation can place pressure on nerves and other tissues which intensifies pain. MSM promotes blood flow, which enhances the healing processes. MSM reduces muscle spasm Ė a condition invariably present when the musculoskeletal system is damaged.

MSM is rapidly gaining a reputation as a natural solution for pain, as more people become aware of the risks in taking the over the counter pain relievers and prescription medications. Medical authorities have continually cautioned physicians and patients regarding the use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory pain relievers known as NSAIDs. These pain relievers such as aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen sodium, etc...are believed responsible for more than 76,000 hospitalizations each year due to gastrointestinal bleeding. An estimated 41,000 hospitalizations and 3,300 deaths involving the elderly are attributed annually to NSAIDs.  MSM is not intended as medical advice and should not be confused with medical care but only a source for information and educational purposes only. If you are taking medications do not stop taking them just because you found this website.  Consult your doctor of your choice first.  If you are going to have surgery it is recommended to stop taking MSM 4 days prior to surgery.  If your msm comes clumped in the jar please do not be alarmed for that is the nature of the product.  It does not mean you have bad product.  Just sift it or crush with your fingers... 

If you need documentation to backup the claims in this website please purchase the book, The Miracle of MSM (The Natural Solution for Pain) by Jacob, Lawrence and Zucker.   Click here.  Dr. Stanley W. Jacob, the world's foremost expert on the clinical use of MSM, has reported anti-flammatory effects of MSM since 1979.    Dr. Stanley W. Jacob,  "Humanitarian of the Year" awarded by the American Health Federation in 1983 for his ground breaking contributions to medical research
Top of his field, a highly acclaimed doctor and researcher, Jacob is considered to be the world's leading technical authority on the use of sulfur compounds for the treatment of disease. Sometimes you may find misspelled words that relate to this site like, suppliments, msn, methysulfonlmethane. They are not spelled correctly and may confuse you.  Look for the logo.   MSM   We use OptiMSM in all our MSM products.

Also the following books below are about MSM and may help you as well. All about MSM by Margaret Dennison, MA.  and with The MSM Miracle by Earl L. Mindell Ph.D.

Remember inside each jar of MSM powder or crystal-flakes is a scoop.

If you fill the scoop up half way that is one teaspoon. 

If you fill the scoop up to the top that is one tablespoon 

Pets use MSM too! 
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msm, dmso, msm and pets, msm horses, msm arthritis, msm sulfur

Need a Whiskey Shot Glass for MSM perfect measuring of dosage? 
No more wondering how much water to take with your msm.  Just fill the  whiskey shot glass full with water along with the desired msm dosage and chug.  

Green, Blue, Red, White, Black.
$3.50 each

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